Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak’s Tetra Brik aseptic packaging protects our juice, meaning the juice can be distributed without the need of refrigeration, additives or preservatives. The juice and nutritional value is protected from the inside out thanks to multiple layers of protective materials. That means you’re drinking real, natural fruit juice.

Tetra Pak is also a good choice for the environment. Tetra Pak packaging is mostly made of wood, which is a renewable material. Renewable simply means that the supply regrows naturally. Wood is renewed when trees grow at the same rate or faster than they are cut down. Tetra Pak only buys paperboard from suppliers who ensure that their wood comes from known and acceptable sources.

Recycling of our packaging is important to us. Tetra Pak sets ongoing targets to continue the increase of recycling worldwide. To support this, a number of initiatives are taking place in almost every country in which Tetra Pak does business. Since 2002 Tetra Pak has been experiencing a significant growth in countries where collection and recycling is in its infancy or non-existent, while markets where both collection and recycling are available, have more stable recycling rates.

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