An inevitable consequence of the Group’s activities is the impact we have on the environment.

Pioneer Foods and its operating divisions are committed to providing quality food products that comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Significant investment in research and development drives product excellence and innovation across defined aspects of the premium brand portfolios contributes to the intended outcomes.

Pioneer Foods embarked on a baseline assessment of our travel emissions for the 2010 reporting period and this will be monitored on an annual basis. It provides good insight as to the focus areas for reduction of emissions. (In line with other South African companies, air travel is the biggest contributor at 90%, with car rentals and hotels equally low contributors at 5% each).

A more holistic view will be taken in future regarding the measuring and, ultimately, the reduction in Pioneer Foods’ carbon footprint.

Water management will receive focused attention, as access to this vitally important but scarce natural resource is attracting growing concern in South Africa.

One of the pioneering initiatives that the Group is investing in is the development of an Integrated Management System. Its aim is to integrate management systems and business processes, focusing on three core disciplines – i.e. environmental management, food safety and people safety. Depending on the outcome and progress of this pilot initiative, the objective is to extend the module content to the rest of the Group including adapting the system to complement the Group’s complex business model.