Our Valley

Ceres – Nature’s Perfect Juice.

From growing to squeezing

Ceres Fruit Juices were first established in 1923 under the name “Ceres Fruit Growers”. Ceres is South Africa’s leading fruit juice company and has grown into one of the largest fruit packaging operations in the world. In 1986 we established the Ceres Fruit Juices Company with the merger of Liqui-Fruit and Fruitree with Ceres. Since then, our company has grown from strength to strength and has won many prestigious food and beverage awards both locally and internationally.

How we make it happen

Ceres Fruit Juices is a consumer-orientated business, operating at world-class standards across all operations, with complete dedication to unique products and brand intrinsics, a passion for continuous improvement and a culture of sincere caring for all our stakeholders.


We strive to constantly delight and satisfy the needs of our consumers by developing and producing products of value and excellence, both in terms of quality and price and through continued product development.

Trading Partners

We seek co-operative, transparent and efficient partnerships with our supply chain partners for the ultimate good of the consumer.


Our current and continued success is heavily dependent on our sense of unity and co-dependence. We strive to be a preferred employer by ensuring that our staff is well-trained and motivated so that, as a team, they function superbly in a safe and secure working environment.


We acknowledge our social and environmental responsibility to contribute to the welfare of the communities with whom we are involved and to do so to the very best of our means.

Ceres Fruit Juices and all its personnel pledges to conduct all actions and negotiations in a manner that is true to the honesty and integrity of our brands.

Mother Nature provides the perfect conditions in Ceres to grow the perfect fruit.

Tucked under a blanket of soft, white snow, the cold winters ensure that the trees enter a deep hibernation, getting the rest that’s needed to bear such delicious produce.

Ceres awakens in spring and this season brings the entire valley to life, with birds soaring above the trees and butterflies dancing through the orchards.

Ample winter rains make it a wonderful fruit growing area and the snow during winter keeps temperatures low, while fruit trees are in their rest period.

Due to Ceres’s inland location, the summer season reaches some of the warmest temperatures in the Western Cape and the heat helps ripen and sweeten the fruit, making it perfect for juice.